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Details Objectives Acappella Choir

A Cappella Choir is a choral class for the serious high school vocal student in grades 9-12. Auditions for this group will have been held during the previous year. Literature ranges from classical, sacred, and current music. The students are also required to sight read and perform any education tasks set forth by the teacher.

Eleventh Grade Fine Arts
Details Objectives Accounting I

Accounting I is a study of the theory and practice of double-entry accounting. The student will learn the record keeping necessary for a one-owner business or a partnership and will gain the knowledge to hold an entry-level position as an accountant.

Tenth Grade Career and Technical Education
Details Objectives Accounting II Eleventh Grade Career and Technical Education
Details Objectives ACT Prep

ACT Prep is a class for all college-bound students seeking to improve their ACT scores and earn a College Prep Certificate. In this course students will learn test-taking strategies, review key concepts in the areas of English, math, reading, and science, and explore scholarship opportunities. Emphasis will be placed on test-taking practice and improving ACT composite scores. Co-teachers in English and math teach this class.

Eleventh Grade Communication Arts
Details Objectives Adaptive Physical Education

This is a one semseter course open to all students with a permanent or temporary disability or hanidcap. It is limited to those students who cannot participate in regular physical education courses due to physical, mental, or social difficulty. A letter from the student's doctor explaining the nature of the disability or handicap and the physical limitation of the student is required to enroll in the course. A program will be designed to meet the special needs of the student in the course based on the recommendations of the health care providers. The student is expected to participate fully to the best of his or her abilities.

Ninth Grade Health Education/Physical Education
Details Objectives Advanced Chemistry Twelfth Grade Science
Details Objectives Advanced Livestock Production and Management Eleventh Grade Career and Technical Education
Details Objectives Advanced Physical Education Eleventh Grade Health Education/Physical Education
Details Objectives Advanced Physical Science Ninth Grade Science
Details Objectives Advanced Speech/Competitive Speech

Advanced Speech, offered only in the fall, is an elective for students wanting to further their understanding of the performance of literature from Speech I.  Students will explore the use of storytelling, original oratories, poetry, dramatic/comedic interpretations, duet acting, and extemporaneous speaking as an outlet to reach audiences of varying diversity.  Students will compete against other school districts in each of these fields to discover how constructive criticism can aid in the improvement of their pieces.  This a performance based class and students must audition to join.

Eleventh Grade Communication Arts