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Details Objectives 1st Grade Art 2018 First Grade Fine Arts
Details Objectives 1st Grade ELA 2017-18

Students will gain skills to become more strategic readers and writers. Students will explore fiction/nonfiction text, learn comprehension strategies, word solving, vocabulary, fluency, and author’s craft. We focus on the reading process to set children up to read increasingly complex texts, while working on story elements and the skills that are foundational to comprehension and fluency. Students will also explore and create narrative, opinion, and information genres of writing. 

First Grade Communication Arts
Details Objectives 1st Grade Math 2017

In Grade 1 mathematics, instructional time focuses on four critical areas: addition and subtraction strategies within 20; whole number relationships and place value; meaning and processes of linear measurement, data; and attributes of geometric shapes.

First Grade Math
Details Objectives 1st Grade Music - 2017-18

First grade students in music class explore their world through rhythm, melody, expressive qualities and music appreciation. As they develop basic skills, they will strengthen their music vocabulary and performance skills. 

First Grade Fine Arts
Details Objectives 1st Grade P.E. & Health 2018

Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be physically active for their lifetime. The students in P.E. will be learning skills associated with locomotion, non-locomotion, manipulation, nutrition, and fitness. These skills will be used in games and activities to show students the importance of fitness and how it can affect us for life. 

First Grade Health Education/Physical Education
Details Objectives 1st Grade Science 2017

The first grade science curriculum teaches a greater understanding of earth's systems, force and motion, matter and energy, and living organisms by incorporating the process of scientific inquiry. The course teaches students to raise questions, investigate, and make meaning of their findings in the science content. It builds on prior knowledge and provides students with a continuing platform for scientific growth.

First Grade Science
Details Objectives 1st Grade Social Studies 2017

First grade social studies will teach a greater understanding of laws and rules, general economic concepts, and historical events through the use of social science resources. Social Studies will teach students that they are members of society and it will develop historical and cultural awareness through the introduction of significant individuals, events, and symbols.

First Grade Social Studies
Details Objectives 2nd Grade Music - 2017-18

Second-grade students in music class continue exploration of their world as they strengthen their musical skills through rhythm, melody, expressive qualities and music appreciation.  Student's music vocabulary and performance skills will deepen their understanding of fine arts culture.

Second Grade Fine Arts
Details Objectives 2nd Grade Art 2018 Second Grade Fine Arts
Details Objectives 2nd Grade ELA 2017-18
The 2nd grade English Language Arts Curriculum will enable students  to be actively engaged in the process of reading, writing, speaking, listening and vocabulary,  Students will develop skills involved in accuracy and independence in word recognition; in grasping literal, related, and implied word meaning, and in knowledge of the grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. The students will be able to apply ideas in appropriate ways, as well as to learn to communicate in both oral and written language in a logical and understandable manner. The student will develop listening, spelling, and study skills, in addition to an adequate vocabulary appropriate to this grade level. Reading skills will be taught through Read Alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and familiar reads.


Second Grade Communication Arts